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Anonymous said: Why was Monday so happy? Lol

Because Peanut and I came to Noe’s house :)


It’s a very happy Monday for radiantvibrations and I :’) :D :)

19 kids & counting.

All I have to say is holy moly… 19 kids. I have 1 and it’s hard. Does it get easier or something?!?!

Anonymous said: You're beautiful and I love you! Keep updating us on your family and how your life is! Just ignore all of the negative comments and smile lovely!

This definitely made my day, so thank you!!! :)

What I want my dress to look like :)

What I want my dress to look like :)

It is hot in my house.

Peanut has been crying for about 20 minutes, inconsolably. Decided to strip her down, and take her diaper off and give her a bit of a break and have some naked time! She fell asleep in about 30 seconds and now she’s laying on me :’)

I love these little moments.

You know what irritates me?

Whenever I go out with my mom and her side of the family, she ALWAYS ask me “do you have enough bottles?” That enough is annoying me to (it’s mostly her tone.) but after I say “yes” she adds “how much did you bring? Are you sure that’ll be enough?”

Yes, I brought enough. I brought waters in her bottles, and I can add the formula when she needs it. And so what if I have to get more water from wherever we are going?

Just ugh. Sorry guys to vent, just frustrating to me.

I know I’m a “new mom.” But for 7 months, I’ve done this. :/

Anonymous said: The mumblr "community" is bullshit, there is no community. Only a bunch of jealous, pathetic assholes who make it a priority to run hate blogs.

I agree. There are some AMAZING mumblr moms, but most of them are shit-talking and frustrating moms who think it’s THERE WAY OR NO WAY.

Anonymous said: Your eyes are so beautifully colored

Thank you ☺️